Photos from Thanksgiving Eve 2013 at @DrinkysPA with @DJ_Zee_ @kfresshhh @TONYMEDIAGROUP & @FnAwesomeTime. Pics by @NinjaMatt

If you live in the Lehigh Valley and have never experienced a Thanksgiving Eve at Drinkys you should be sad. If you haven’t experienced it with DJ Zee, DJ KFre$h, TMG & F.A.T. Entertainment then you should be downright depressed. What is traditionally a great night was made even better by the combination of all of the added entertainment, a building packed full of close friends and a venue staff that is second to none. Drinks flowed, people danced and most importantly… NO DRAMA. IF you missed it, or if you were there and can’t remember a thing (guilty as charged), then make sure you check out this photo gallery shot by MATTHEW BLUM of Lightly-Salted Productions. Enjoy.

Photos From The #AMERICANHORRORPARTY On 11/1 at @DrinkysPA. Hosted By @TONYMEDIAGROUP & @FnAwesomeTime. Music By @DJDamienAnthony. Photos By @1MANBANDIT

Here is the photo gallery from The #AMERICANHORRORPARTY at Drinkys (@DrinkysPA) in Easton, PA on November 1st. Hosted by F.A.T. Entertainment (@FnAwesomeTime) & T.M.G. (@TONYMEDIAGROUP). Beats provided by the one and only DJ Damien Anthony (@DJDamienAnthony).

MC’s For MS: A Day In Review. 100+ Photos By Angela Bruno Photography & TONY Media Group..


This gallery contains 120 photos.

SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTO GALLERY! Saturday April 27th, F.A.T. Entertainment hosted the MC’s For MS Charity Live Event and successfully raised close to $1,500 towards our donation goal for the MS Walk on Sunday, May 5th. With month’s of work being put in … Continue reading

IT HAS ARRIVED!! @JuliusSeizure1 Releases The OFFICIAL VIDEO And Single for “TMSNEV” With NEW Vocalist Charles Corletta

Julius Seizure Release New Music Video and Single

 Julius Seizure TMSNEV

After Months of anticipation, Julius Seizure have released their brand new single and Music video for “TMSNEV.”

The single, originally recorded for the band’s debut E.P. “Beware The Ides Of March” was re-recorded with new vocalist and former Will Killmore drummer/bandmate Charlie Corletta.

“When I was told that I was going to re-record “TMSNEV,” I was excited and eager to put my flair on a track that I felt to be the strongest on the band’s E.P. I tried to remain true to (former vocalist) Yosef El’s vision and delivery while still allowing my voice to be heard. Last thing I wanted was to be a hired gun. I had to establish myself as part of the band’s signature sound and I am proud of the end result,” said Corletta.

The brand New single was directed and edited by Jonathan Robertson at P1 Digital Media (Las Vegas), Produced & Engineered by the band’s guitarist Steve Toth, and

Mixed & Mastered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios, Rockaway, NJ.

Julius Seizure are currently in the studio working on their follow up E.P. as well as booking shows across the tri-state area.


Julius Seizure TMSNEV Horns Up Rocks

For a complete list of dates and news regarding the band visit

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The Super Nightlife Handbook Vol. 1: Promoters, DJs & YOLO Sluts

Written By Nick Eckert

“I been in this game for years, it made me a animal
There’s rules to this shit, I made me a manual” – The Notorious B.I.G.

Welcome! Are you a budding nightlifer? Do you have YOLO tattooed on the side of your dick? Do you have DJ in front of your name on Facebook but only play in your basement? Are you a venue manager that thinks more time should be spent on hitting on fat skanky bar whores then actually managing your venue? Do you call yourself a promoter when in reality you just follow around the entertainment and dick ride? Well then this is for you, my friend. The Super Nightlife Handbook has everything you need to know or think you already do!! Here is Vol 1.

Section 1: Everybodies A DJ

  • Saying You’re A DJ Doesn’t Infact Make You A DJ - So you’ve changed your name on Facebook to Deejay Jerkoff and you even got yourself a Twitter. You tell me people you spin at “private events” which is really for 6 of your douchey friends in your room. Now while this all may sound good. It still doesn’t change the fact that you’re as good at DJing as Andy Reid is at keeping his kids off drugs. Sorry bro.
  • Auto-Sync Is For Pussies – If you press the sync button you aren’t a DJ, you’re an “engineer”. Also if you pre-mix your set you also fall back into that “engineer” category. Part of the skill of DJing is reading the crowd, catching the beat and keeping the flow of the song.
  • Get Over Yourself – Alright, we get it dude. You’re a DJ. Easy with the ego. Especially if you don’t make your own music and just press play on your iPhone. How can you be cocky and call yourself an “artist/musician” because you mixed two songs with the same BPM? Also saying you’re the biggest, hottest or bragging about your success as a DJ just makes you look like a dick. Be humble and let your work speak for itself.
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Learn – Regardless of what you think you aren’t doing anything totally original. Somebody did it before you or something exactly like it. If you meet these people, hear them out. Listen to their experiences and advice. Because while times change, people don’t. And while the industry has watered down most of the old rules for success still apply.

Section 2: Promoter or Roadie?

  • Knowing Your Role – Here is a question. Do any of the people you are “promoting” to actually show up for your shit besides you and your girlfriend? Or better yet, do you usually just follow your DJ friends around sharing their flyers and making zero money in the process? Then I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t a promoter. You’re just someones boys who helps him out and carries his turn tables. Relax.
  • Refrain From False Promises – Do you promise places the world and rarely deliver? Do you tell them you can bring a huge crowd in order to try to secure a big pay day? These are stupid moves. Be up front, inform them that it will start slow and build up. Because once you are caught in your lie you sour the deal and burn a bridge. Get out of your own way and make the good business desicion.
  • Learn To Fucking Spell – You might have the best idea on the planet with the greatest plan to execute it. But once you put some silly shit like “iss gon’ b off da hook!” or spell like a 1st grader you have failed. People don’t take things seriously if they are poorly spelled and grammatically retarded. Get yourself some flash cards, watch some Reading Rainbow and practice your ABCs.
  • Do Your Job – If you book DJ and all you want to know is how many people they can bring you are probably a terribe promoter. That is YOUR job, not theirs. They don’t ask you to spin for an hour because they’re tired do they? Why? BECAUSE ITS NOT YOUR FUCKING JOB!!! Don’t hire talent if you rely on them to bring ALL of the people. Build your own brand.

Section 3: “YOLO Is Carpe Diem For Retards” – Jack Black

  • Learn Limits – So you’re 21, single and ready to get crazy. No harm done… until you decided to pop 3 mollies, get tag teamed in some shitty bar bathroom and wake up with a used condom hanging out of your ass. There is a difference between having fun and just being a retard. Just because you only live once doesn’t mean you should do a bunch of stupid life threatening shit, because guess what Einstein, you also only die once…. didn’t think think about that part huh?
  • If You Have Kids – If you have a baby and you are at the club on a Wednesday getting obliterated, you need to fucking relax. Kids do not raise themselves and its no better to get raised by someone who acts like a kid. Suck it up, stop letting random strangers lick body shots off of your beer gut and go be a parent. You did it to yourself, should’ve made your man pull out.
  • Don’t Be A VIP Whore – If the only time you drink top shelf liquor is when guys buy you drinks or you’re mooching off your friends or are constantly trying to flirt your way into the VIP you, malady, are a skank. Trying to live beyond your means makes you look like an idiot and makes you an easy target for whore hunters. Get your shit together.
  • You Made Your Bed, Now Fuck In It – You’re probably a whore, let’s be honest. You’ve fucked so many dudes you’ve lost count. Everybody knows this. So don’t get all butt hurt when people call you a slut. Let your slut flag fly. After your 30th different dick there was pretty much no turning back. So be the slam pig we all know and love with a smile on your face. It’s basically your only way to maintain some self respect.

VOL. 2: Who Put YOU In Charge? Managers & Owners


Starting April 4th EVERY THRSDAY is College LADIES Night At The Steel Pub In Bethlehem, PA with music by DJ KFresh & Presented By F.A.T. Entertainment, Unisphere Clothing &

F.A.T. Entertainment's College LADIES Night with KFre$h at The Steel Pub

F.A.T. Entertainment’s College LADIES Night with KFre$h at The Steel Pub

Thursday APRIL 4th F.A.T. Entertainment, Unisphere Clothing and bring you College LADIES Night at The Steel Pub in Bethlehem, PA

–Music by The “First Lady Of F.A.T. Entertainment” DJ KFRE$H
-With Opening Sets by DJ NoGood

|||BEAT THE CLOCK 9-11|||Coor’s Light Draft’s Start At $.50 And Go Up $.50 EVERY HALF HOUR||| [F.A.T. Entertainment Pays The Difference!!]

|||$2 Malibu Bay Breeze|||$2 Coor’s Light Draft|||$3 Lemon Drop Shots|||$5 Martinis|||


With awesome drink specials, great music and one of the best new venues in the area this is going to be hands down one of the most entertaining nights of the week.



You can also catch KFRE$H & DJ NOGOOD EVERY SUNDAY on The F’n Awesome Radio Show which airs on and is sponsored by Unisphere Clothing.




ATTENTION LADIES & LEHIGH STUDENTS!!! April 4th COLLEGE LADIES NIGHT at The Steel Pub sponsored by F.A.T. Entertainment, Unisphere Clothing & Music by Kfresh & opening sets by DJ Nogood.

BEAT THE CLOCK from 9-11 Starts w/ $.50 COOR’S LIGHT Drafts||From 11-1: $2 Coor’s Light Drafts||$2 Malibu Bay Breezes||$3 Lemon Drop Shots||$5 Martini||

Watch The F’n Awesome Radio Show on Mix

Watch The F’n Awesome Radio Show on sponsored by F.A.T. Entertainment (@FnAwesomeTime) & Unisphere Clothing LIVE NOW!!! Jamal Knight is stopping by plus our very own Biggie Tribute as well as all the foul filthy nonsense you know and love. PLEASE SHARE THIS