PAINT4 at Drinky’s with KFre$h and Jamal Knight


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July 17th we turned Drinky’s into a hot mess. Paint was everywhere, drinks were consumed in mass quantities and I saw way more butt cheeks than I should have for something I get paid to do. All in all I … Continue reading



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Halloween 2014 was absolutely insane!! Drinkys was packed with 600+ crazy ass, party people. Jamal Knight and Kfre$h killed it as always. The pictures speak for themselves. Photos courtesy of JAB Impressions

PHOTO GALLERY: F’n Awesome Paint Party 3 at Drinky’s with DJ Jamal Knight and DJ Kfre$h. Hosted by F.A.T. Entertainment and TONY Media Group.


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This party was another one for the record books…. July 26th we turned Drinkys into a MADHOUSE. Paint flew. Alcohol was consumed. Fun was had. These pictures say more than we ever could so we will leave it at that. … Continue reading

Nas: Comparing good kid, mAAd city to Illmatic Is “Not A Fair Comparison”

Both albums are epic. Nas is right though, it’s a different era.

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(AllHipHop News) Not many albums have impacted the Hip Hop landscape like Illmatic. Then again, there are not many albums like good kid, mAAd city. During a recent interview, Nas addressed the comparisons between his debut album and Kendrick Lamar’s and spoke on what Lamar needs to do on his sophomore album.

In his interview with Complex Magazine, Nas stated that “the Internet made the world smaller, so it’s easier now for people to hear your music” as opposed to when he was a new artist in the early 90s with limited means of reaching the masses outside of “radio record” According to Nas, the difference in era is the main reason you can not compare good kid, mAAd city to Illmatic:

No, it’s not a fair comparison to me because Illmatic represented a different time and a different expression for different reasons. The times inspired the sound…

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PHOTO GALLERY: Drinky’s FOAM Party hosted by F.A.T. Entertainment & TMG. Music by DJ KayJay, DJ Santos & DJ Angel B. Photos By Matt Blum of Lightly-Salted Photos.


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This party was epic. These pictures only capture a fraction of the insanity that was FOAM. Everyone had a great night and there was probably between 500-600 people there at the peak. The crowd steadily grew from  the 100 or … Continue reading

PHOTO GALLERY: 6/13/2014 #LadiesNight at Rivals with DJ KFre$h


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Another Friday down, another great night. Despite crap weather the night was still great. New faces every week mixed with our regulars who show us support each week. Didn’t hurt that it was Friday the 13th AND a full moon….



Walmer Convenience

Maybe you’re new. Maybe you’ve been doing this for 20 fucking years. Maybe you’re fucking famous. Maybe you play at tiny bars. It don’t matter. If you suck, you suck. It could be for a number of reasons. Let’s investigate together.


Maybe you’re like “I have to use vinyl man!” or you’re like “Look at all these controllers!”. You might have 2 cdjs, 4 turntables, a controller multiple other things for FX and shit. Can you use them well though? That’s really what matters. Sure, people are gonna come into the club and be like “Whoa this guy’s setup is crazy!” (actually it won’t be “people”, it will be like 2 bros) but if you can’t mix properly people are gonna fucking hate your guts. Fuck man, if you can dj from an iPhone app and crush a party every fucking time then…

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PHOTO GALLERY: 6/6/2014 – Debut Of LADIES NIGHT at Rivals


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This past Friday we kicked off the official beginning of Ladies Night in true style. Dance floor was packed for a good portion of the night and everyone was having fun. DJ NoGood & DJ Santos provided the sounds. Team … Continue reading

June 21st Will Be Historic. FOAM RETURNS.

In the summer of 2012 we partnered with Drinkys to throw two of the most insane parties this area has ever seen. This year we team up again to top ourselves. This year Official PLAYBOY Video DJ, DJ KayJay is spinning with opening sets by DJ Santos and DJ angel B. We will be having a CASH bikini contest and we will also be selling $20 VIP OPEN BAR tickets that get you open bar from 9pm to 11pm. Stay tuned for more details but this is shaping up to be total insanity.

Official Flyer for DRINKYS FOAM PARTY hosted by F.A.T. Entertainment

Official Flyer for DRINKYS FOAM PARTY hosted by F.A.T. Entertainment